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"Reverse 10 years of aging in 100 days of training..."


The 10/100 Program

The  10/100  Program  consists  of  6  exercises —each  one designed  to  focus on a specific  area  of health and  fitness. You begin with 2 minutes for each exercise. 

The goal is to be able do each exercise for 5 minutes, a 30-minute training session that will leave you calm, rebalanced, and revitalized.


Neuroplasticity- Learning

Neuroplasticity is the capability of our brain to rewire itself, learn new information, and generally improve regardless of age or physical condition.

Research has shown the combining physical and mental tasks produces the most dramatic gains in neuroplasticity.

The 10/100 Program is designed to challenge your brain as well as your body.


Proprioception- Body Sense

Proprioception is the awareness of the position and movement of the body. As we age, proprioception decreases which we mistakenly consider normal aging.

The 10/100 Program specifically reverses the decline in proprioception resulting in better balance, improved coordination and an increase general physical capability.

Questions and Answers


What kind of program is this?

The 10/100 combines the body wisdom of the East with the body science of the West to create a program that directly addresses our most important health and fitness issues. Regular practice will quickly improve the markers of aging, both physical and mental.

How is it different?

It focuses on "growing" your brain and expanding your proprioception (body awareness). The muscular, meditative, and cardio benefits happen automatically as you do the daily training.

Is the 10/100 Program for health or fitness?

Both.  And mindfulness as well. 

Will the program be too easy or too hard for me?

You adjust the program based on your fitness level and training goals. You can train for general fitness, a body-mind "tune-up", or with a specific goal (improve balance, rehab your shoulder, reduce stress level, develop core strength,  free your breathing, etc.).

What is the training schedule?

Begin by doing each exercise for two minutes (6 X 2=12 min). Then at your own pace increase the time to 5-minutes per exercise, reaching your goal of a 30 minute training session.

How long before I see results?

Your body will begin to change almost immediately. How soon you will see results is dependent on your sensitivity to your body and your ability do the exercises in a relaxed manner. Most people will begin to see changes within the first week.

The 6 Step Workout


1. Align with Gravity- Standing

Gravity will align your body perfectly as you learn how to loosen up and release. The more you release, the better your alignment.

2. Flush your Immune System- Cloud Hands

Cloud Hands is a self-massage for your lymphatic system which is essential for a healthy immune system. 

3. Open Your Joints- Rolling the Ball

You have 340 joints in your body which need to move every day. This movement will accomplish this.

4. Explore your Core- Arm Swinging

Balance and strengthen your true internal core.

5. Flex Your Spine- The C Curve

This exercise will bring new life to your spine and spinal discs.

6. Expand your Proprioception- Freestyle Mudwalking

Mudwalking is an ancient Chinese walking movement which is reputed to bestow longevity on its practitioners.

Internet Media used in Class


1.10/100 Program website: for class information

2. Chinese Swinging exercise:

3. Cloud Hands:

4. Rolling the Ball:

5. Circlewalking Master:

6. Anatomy software: 


        password: mudwalking

7. Breathing video:

8. Head balance video 

9. Glutes video:

10. Walking Skeleton

11. Skeleton playing tennis:


Class Schedule- Group classes are FREE


Sunday 9:30-10:30 am

At Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills; on the outdoor Putting Green at the northwest corner (on Olympic Blvd).


Tuesday 10:30-11:30 am

At Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills, indoors in the Recreation Center (on Roxbury Drive).


Wednesday 9:30-10:30 am

At the Sinai Temple on Wilshire and Beverly Glen. This class is open to everyone, but if you want to attend let me know so I can tell security.

Download a free copy of my MUDWALKING book

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