The Ancient Practice of Circlewalking


The History of Circlewalking

Circlewalking is a 4000 year-old moving meditation developed by monks in Northern China. Over time, they developed a more powerful stepping technique which mimics a person walking through heavy mud, hence the name, "mudwalking". You do not actually walk through mud!


A complete exercise for your body, mind, and nervous system

Mudwalking strengthens every part of your bodiy— muscles, bones, organs, nerves, and circulation of blood and lymph. It helps you discover your natural body, and restore the physical and mental balance that is your birthright.


Turn back the clock

With regular practice of 20 minutes a day, many of the markers of aging will be reversed or corrected, including improved balance and coordination, increased flexibility and strength, and reduction of stress and anxiety.

Class Schedule- all classes are free


Sunday 9:30-10:30 am

At Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills; on the outdoor Putting Green at the northwest corner (on Olympic Blvd).


Tuesday 10:30-11:30 am

At Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills, indoors in the Recreation Center (on Roxbury Drive).


Wednesday 9:30-10:30 am

At the Sinai Temple on Wilshire and Beverly Glen. This class is open to everyone, but if you want to attend let me know so I can tell security.

Media used in Class


1.Mudwalking website: for class information and to download the Mudwalking book

2. Chinese Swinging exercise:

3. Cloud Hands:

4. Rolling the Ball:

5. Circlewalking master video:

6. Anatomy software: 


password: mudwalking

7. Breathing video:

8. Head balance video 

9. Glutes video:

10. Walking Skeleton

11. Skeleton playing tennis:

12. Class music or meditations: email me: and I will email you the audios


Download a free copy of my MUDWALKING book

Mudwalking_Final (pdf)