Turning Back the Clock


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Today, in the U.S., 145 million men and women walk for fitness and health. Doctors are prescribing walking as “a wonder drug” with a wide range of benefits. State governments are spending millions of dollars to develop pleasant places to walk to encourage people to get off the couch.

Four-thousand years ago in the mountains of China, a group of monks also realized the value of walking. Over time, they evolved the simple act of walking called circlewalking into a complete physical, mental and neurological training with powerful rejuvenative effects. To this day, it is said that circlewalking can turn back the clock.

Mudwalking is a Westernized version of this ancient exercise. It will transform your daily walking routine into a powerful mind-body workout in the same amount of time you spend doing “ordinary” walking.

Mudwalking changes lives, and can change your life.


Mudwalking is a Westernized version of a 4000-year-old Chinese fitness training called circlewalking. Circlewalking was prized for its ability to develop strength, flexibility, agility, and vitality.

Does it Involve Walking in Mud?

No, it involves imagining you are walking in mud of different depths and thicknesses as a way to increase or decrease the difficulty of the training.

Is it Worthy of My Time?

Mudwalking provides extraordinary value for your workout time. If you do it for strength and agility, you get the health and meditative benefits for free. If you do it for the health and meditative benefits, you get the strength and conditioning benefits for free. In either case, mudwalking does more in less time than any other training.

How to Learn Mudwalking

1. Take lessons. Call me 310-721-8994 or email me larry@mudwalking.com. I don’t charge for lessons in Los Angeles. Outside of LA, I charge for my travel expenses.

2. Buy the Mudwalking training manual and read it carefully. (BTW, I lose money on each book, so I’m not recommending it to make any money).

3. Review all the material I have added to this website.

4. Download the training audios to your smartphone and practice them regularly.

5. Call me with questions.

Good luck with your training.


The Mudwalking Training Manual

The Mudwalking Training Manual is now available at Amazon.com:

Mudwalking: Unleash the Power of Walking for Vitality+Rejuvenation+Longevity

Screen Shot 2013-05-21 at 3.29.42 PMDear Fellow Mudwalker,

Unfortunately, I can’t spend time with you as you learn Mudwalking. I can’t see if your alignments are correct or if your mental attitude is getting in your way.

Mudwalking itself is quite simple to learn and practice. However, to get the most out of your practice, it is important to learn not only what to do, but also why you are doing it.

To this end, I have written this training manual to give you an understanding of the principles of Mudwalking, as well as the techniques, both physical and mental, to make your experience a success.

I have included a lot of material in this manual. Some ideas or exercises will work better for you than others. I encourage you to focus on what works for you in the beginning. As you progress, try to incorporate other ideas and techniques into your training.

If you need help, visit us at www.mudwalking.com.

Wishing you all the best,

Larry Sarokin